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Feb 03, 2021

I have been enjoying this series, devouring the books one after the other, but this one brought me to a screeching halt. Hey, I don't mind a little smut, but the fact that two adult males are pining after a fourteen-year-old girl is just...icky. Dani isn't one of my favourite characters from this series, and in many ways Ryodan doesn't come across as much different from Barrons. A lot happens in terms of action, but the borderline pedophilia is a definite turn off for me. Wished I'd stopped at Book 5. Yuck.

Oct 05, 2020

This is the 6th book in the series. Technically the series was supposed to be 5 books (99% written from Mac’s point of view). This installment however is all about Dani and her point of view. If you are hoping for Mac or Barrons...forget it...they each have a one liner. Yet this book is foundational for #7 Burned.
The story delves a bit more into some of the mechanics of living in a post apocalyptic world where everything you needed and taken for granted has simply ceased to exist like milk and eggs. Yet Chester’s surprisingly is still filled with Uber rich people somehow who get served pre-apocalypse goods!
I am not a huge fan of this story because I never really enjoyed Dani’s mannerisms, impulsiveness or speech patterns. It is like nails on chalkboard.
———-spoiler alert————
Overall the story was a bit forced trying to create a future/relationship between Dani and Ryodan that makes NO sense. I am not convinced that Dani cares at all about Ryodan. In the previous books AND in this book she makes it very clear that she thinks he is scum of the earth yet she gets somehow attached to him??!!! And why does he, the supposed suave, is attracted to a feral wild thing?!!!!!
His interest in her is not well explained especially the sexual one. Too many people actually are sexually interested in this child who is constantly sporting facial bruising and covered in bodily fluids, is hardly the sexy type and is an atrocious English speaker.
Others characters go through some drastic transformations too. Christian’s character has gone quite dark, not necessarily a surprise but the about face at the end was inconsistent with his character development.
Lor’s character suddenly makes an about face too and is now a nice guy who is suddenly decent to women and kids when he was a total a-hole to Mac!! Why not just use a different character rather than alter drastically an existing one?!!!
And the whole Jo subplot was annoying and unnecessary except to fabricate tension between Dani and Ryodan.
And we still don’t know why Dani’s powers are so alike the Nine? Who is Dancer really and how can he evade the legendary Ryodan/Nine?
I would only recommend reading it if you plan to read the rest of the books.

Jun 04, 2017

This book seems to be a regurgitation of Mac's story when it comes to the romance and other parts of the story... however I feel like there is some kiddie porn in how a fourteen-year-old is being monopolized and lusted after by men much older than she is. The stupidity of the characters is also very annoying. While I read the whole book; I was not thrilled by it. Seemed rather flat and dragged on and on.

Monikan21 Apr 23, 2015

Book 6 of Fever series, preceded by Shadowfever and followed by Burned. This is the 1st book of Dani's Trilogy. It follows where Shadowfever ended. Dani is a fourteen year old girl with superpowers - fast freeze-framing and killing fae with her handy sword. She is fun, fearless and quite intelligent. She is so full of life - that she shines like the brightest star - no wonder everyone likes her. She is still very young and I hope in the next book, she gets to grow up a bit. I like the whole book; the "so called" loved interests are quite interesting and I wonder who KMM will chose to stick around and win Dani's heart. I have a feeling it might be Ryodan - but I just find him too controlling and cold & I don't like how he treats Dani or Jo. I really like Dancer - I hope he has a secret identity hidden somewhere. I also like Christian - I hope his real self comes back - I miss him.

Apr 29, 2014

Hated this book. Don't like Dani O'Malley the least little bit - I find her character obnoxious, abrasive, and useless. I also don't like how she was basically enslaved and how a fourteen year old is being lusted after by people much older than she is. The stupidity of the other humans characters is also annoying. Not reading anymore of this nonsense.

Jan 31, 2014

For a novel set in Dublin (Ireland, not Iowa) there is a dearth of Irish names. This includes the "Fever" series.

Jun 12, 2013

i liked it, and wasn't sure that I would have

Apr 24, 2013

Sometimes a subsequent series doesn't live up to the original but this one certainly does! Moning's writing pulls you in and doesn't let go. I couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next book. I think Moning fans will be happy with this next series.

Mar 25, 2013

Great read. Plenty of action and adventure, but has Dani really matured or learned a lesson? Would have given it five stars except for the ending.

LaimaA Mar 20, 2013

This novel satifies my urge for more of the world Moning created in the Fever series. It was easier to relate to Mac because she was an adult and didn't begin as a "superhero", but I think Dani can easily take her on for spunk and likability. I am loving her interactions with Ryodan, Christian, and Dancer. I suspect Dani will probably be visiting some Fae realm in a future installment and come back aged (to overcome the icky 14 year old with multiple suitors issue). Fun times to be had with this bunch for sure.

Mar 14, 2013

This whole world KMM has created is just awesome. If you're just starting her books, I strongly suggest you start at the beginning of the Fever series. Dani's story is fecking great :) Some people may be put off by the few sexual innuendos that are in the book (Dani is only 14), but you have to keep in mind she's been on her own a long time and her 14 is much different than our 14. And while KMM gets really close to crossing the line, they are just sexual hints at this point of what could be in store for Dani as she grows into a woman. There will be 2 more Dani stories (I cannot wait!) and then KMM will return to Mac and Barrons.

lucyrivera Nov 30, 2012

Amazing read! I fecking loved it!

Nov 17, 2012

What a blast of an ending to an excellent read! Felt so good to be back in the Fever World. Dani is just so much $ecking fun I almost can’t stand it!!!

This book, however, doesn’t YET satisfy KMM’s promise “Many of the questions I left unanswered in the FEVER series are addressed in this new series.”More waiting...oh well...I was still satisfied however with what transpired and resolved in this book as a strong lead to a good trilogy.

How can you not LOL reading this book when a spunky, self-inflated, out-of-control 14-year-old who swaggers and is capable of freeze-framing, sidhe-seering and super strength says/thinks things like this:

“Holy travel agent! Did I, like, go through a time warp or something?”

"Gah, old dude, please don't try to talk like me. My ears'll fall off!"

“My life is so $ecking interesting I almost can’t stand it!”

“You’ve been pretending we’re superhero partners and you don’t even know the first thing about Robin!” No wonder Ryodan’s no fun to hang with. I’m so disgusted I can’t stand it!
“You’re just one person and we’re all superheroes!”

“This is just too gross for my eyeballs!”

I could go on and on... I know I wouldn’t want my every book to contain a 14-year-old heroine instead of a grown-up but, for now, with Iced I accept KMM’s choice and applaud her at how interesting of a character she created in Dani. Her relationship with Dancer is “spot on” behavior for kids their age who are immature but dealing with grown up issues. Excellent convincing writing.

Is it my imagination or is Ryodan very much like JZB was at the beginning of the Fever series? Sociopathic tendencies (check), mysterious abilities (check), God or King complex (check), control freaks (check), invincible (check), super powerful (check), woman either fall-over-themselves-at-their-feet or are scared of them (check), and, of course, large hunky bodies (check) I have BIG hopes that Ryodan will rekindle some of that JZB sizzle!

When Ryodan said his “Should. Mercy. Equality. Altruism.” speech I think that's something that JZB would have said as well! They should be buds but they`re not cause they both have their God/King complex!

The main distinction between Ryodan & JZB imo is that Ryodan is more cynical, promiscuous, and actually laughs once in a while! JZB never laughed so easily...but then Dani IS funnier than Mac. Above all though, as stated in the book, his biggest distinction is that he`s the master at manipulation. god! Didn’t expect that! He’s creepy but apparently he can’t help it. Interesting to see what he will become.

YES I so very much continue to LOVE Karen Marie Moning! I enjoy her imaginative mind and all her many, many juicy words like “vamoose” and “serendipitous”. I’m also satisfied with how exciting the end of this book was while at the same time leaving enough intrigue to develop later.

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