12 Rules for Life

12 Rules for Life

An Antidote to Chaos

Book - 2018
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May 03, 2021

Great Book 5 STARS

Mar 11, 2021

"sheepers77" may have to wait five years to read the book, but has already rated it 4.5 stars.
“A Field Guide to Jordan Peterson’s Political Arguments – If someone is on TV talking about how suppressed their free speech is…their free speech isn’t being suppressed”
by Aaron Huertas, posted January 29, 2018, at Medium
“How dangerous is Jordan B Peterson ...”
by Dorian Lynskey, posted February 7, 2018, at The Guardian – psychology
“Why Jordan Peterson Is Always Wrong”
by Ben Burgis and Matt McManus, posted April 24, 2020, at Jacobin

VaughanPLDavidB Nov 25, 2020

Peterson's just-announced new book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, brought me here.
I read this book more than two years ago and I am surprised to find that I never rated or reviewed it. On the surface, the titles of each chapter seem basic, almost simplistic. However, once you dive into each chapter, you see that they are anything but simplistic. You quickly realize that they are actually foundational rules for living a meaningful life. I struggled at times to follow the paths he took to make his points, but once I got to the destination, his words really hit home.

Sep 09, 2020

It is a sad state of our society when the Executive Director of The Citadel Theater, Chantell Ghosh, rejected Jordan Peterson's request to have presentation and promotion of this book in Edmonton. Born and raised in Alberta, spent many years in Edmonton, admired and respected throughout the World, humiliated in his home town. CBC called him "controversial". I wouldn't be surprised if I see a book burning ceremony at the Churchill Square in my lifetime.

Aug 26, 2020

What can I even say? It's phenomenal! Just life-changing!
You'll definitely have to pick this one up, but make sure you're doing it because you want to make the choice to change your life. Reading this and not using any of this information is a waste. But it's difficult not to use any of the advice given by Jordan, because he insists on action, and he plainly gives the steps for that action.

It's got a lot of big and impressive words in it, but the entertaining story-telling and the humour definitely counteract that. He does go on tangents about religion, mythology, psychology, and Nietzsche frequently, sometimes to where only someone interested in those intelligent/abstract topics could bare it, but that does not overshadow the immense value packed in this book.

Rules 11 and 12's answers are somewhat vague, and the content of those rule "chapters" don't seem to even be related to the rule at all on the surface, which is confusing, but he does pack it with a lot of abstract ideas about meaning and suffering, which are equally as valuable if you're slightly interested in it.

Is the entire book easy to read? No, Jordan's a University Professor, and heavily invested in literature and psychology, so his words, phrases, and paragraphs are sometimes going to be hard to follow for someone who isn't interested in it. But if you're interested in deep psychological life questions about meaning, suffering, God, and Being, then this book is definitely for you.

Basically, if you have no interest in abstract concepts or deep ideas, and want the information in front of your face precisely, in list form, and can't stand story-telling or tangents on deeper topics that have a vague connection to each other on the surface, then it would probably be better to find a summary online (although 12 Rules for life wouldn't be a book without all the useful side-knowledge). But you'll miss out on the phenomenal writing this book literally bleeds out of its pages, so if you want to see the deeper connection past a listed summary, read this book 100%.

Aug 05, 2020

Whatever has been said in laud of this book has not been enough. Simply life changing. Someone in this comment section has stated that the author is verbose, but I would say I wanted more.
Jordan Peterson is a master at explaining in simple, layman terms all the knowledge that he has accumulated in his practice as a clinical Psychologist.

Aug 02, 2020

Clinical psychologist and controversial university professor Jordan Peterson presents 12 simple rules for improving your life by restoring a sense of order. Peterson writes in a very academic fashion, so each rule is mashed into long fascinating chapters that wander liberally through the scholarly weeds. Throughout the book, Peterson patiently constructs a framework for people who feel dehumanized by the "postmodern Neo-Marxism" that Peterson believes is developing within western society. From the personal stories contained in this book, it is clear that Peterson has seen enough darkness in his own life to offer credible advice to those of us who are suffering from our own modern demons. And his 12 rules are very worthy of consideration, indeed. Note that there's a lot of western Christianity and Stoicism in this book, though some is justifiably structured as a historical and philosophical examination of the roots of western society rather than the typical "bible thumping" dismissals that often follow Peterson around. On the other hand, I had more trouble justifying Peterson's very traditional views of man and woman; for example, he characterizes women as "chaos" and men as "order" while describing the many roles that men have played in constructing the foundations of western society. Still, even though I can't agree with everything in this book, it remains one of the most entertaining scholarly works that I have had the pleasure to read in recent years.

Apr 17, 2020

This type of book are for those who have insatiable thirsts for different takes on living a good life. I honestly love Peterson's rambling, if you have ever heard him talk he writes in the same way. These "rules" are just guidelines, but they're darn good ones. You can take them or leave them.

Apr 01, 2020

Darrell's recommendation

Mar 26, 2020

This book was recommended to me by two people I respect, and who respect me. Basically they said “Just read it, I’d like to know what you think.”
So I did. And I’m still not sure what I think.
Peterson is in the news these days for sad reasons (a reported near-death experience due to a reported addiction to meds—but even that is shrouded in mystery), and there’s nothing un-complicated about this guy, it seems.
General review: some good, or even great advice at times about ways to make yourself a better person in the world, mixed with some provocative ideas and principles at other times. But far, far, far, far too long-winded and meandering--400 pages that easily could have been written in 200—hell...even 150 pages. We get it, you’re smart, well read, and can recite biblical passages and the works of Freud and Jung from memory. But for at least 3 chapters later in the book I read the first 3-4 pages, skimmed through 20 , then read the last 3-4 where he concludes his “thesis”. And that’s what it felt like...every chapter—a thesis.
Like I said, some of it was really worth reading...and I’m glad I read it. But some of it was too much. It loses its impact after 50 tangents.
Chapter/Rule 11: “Do not bother children when they are skateboarding” was the most provocative chapter in the book...basically trying to debunk the modern concept of changing gender roles.
If you want to dive into all the “controversial” stuff about Peterson, feel free to Google. I just wanted to read the book.

VaughanPLJaniceA Feb 20, 2020

Great book, inspirational but too dry to read. He spend too much time on other things that are irrelevant to his rules on each of his chapters. After 6 chapters, I feel it a bit too dull... Continuous battle between consciousness and drifting off by the book, finally... I finish the book!

Jan 23, 2020

I tried to like this book but found it full of unconnected generalizations. He's smart enough in content (and his words) but it makes too many biblical references to stand alone as a book. I sufferred through 8 disks before i gave up so you wouldn't have to. There are much better books that get to the points faster.

Jan 22, 2020

Overrated. The page containing the 12 rules is enough. The chapters are disjointed and unfocused.

Jan 03, 2020

IMHO, this was a chore to read. I felt that the author was evangelizing and portraying his ideas using religion a bit too strongly.

Dec 29, 2019

Whatever has been said in laud of this book has not been enough. Simply life changing. Someone in this comment section has stated that the author is verbose, but I would say I wanted more.
Jordan Peterson is a master at explaining in simple, layman terms all the knowledge that he has accumulated in his practice as a clinical Psychologist.

Dec 03, 2019

Excellent book! I would highly recommend reading it and sharing it widely. What I love most is his synthesis of material, helping us make important connections between the knowledge and information brought forth by psychologists, philosophers, writers, and the spiritual beliefs Western culture is built on. A seminal book for our times and a personal guide for transformation.

Oct 15, 2019

After reading a copy at the library I bought my own copy and extras to give to other people. This is the only book since college that I not only read two times, but took the trouble to underline pertinent sections on my second time through. Some of the chapters contained "nothing new" only "common sense" said in new ways. Other sections got me thinking about issues that I have not considered before. An example is letting men do dangerous things as children (ride skateboards) because it is practice for what we all should deeply appreciate; the common sacrifices many men make to do the dangerous things like climb 350 foot tall electricity generating windmills, build sky scrappers, and keep our utilities in good repair even during snow storms. Most of Pederson's followers are supposed to be young men who are starved for mentors encouraging them to become men. I am an older woman and I appreciate his ideas as well. I think he will be considered to be one of the most important intellectual thinkers of our time.

Oct 06, 2019

An interesting book, a knowledgeable author but very verbose. In our book club only 2 people read the entire book.

Sep 29, 2019

This is a deep and thought-provoking book. Each "rule" takes it own different course through stories, science, philosophy, religions, and the author's reflections. Highly recommended.

12 rules that every child should have been taught by their parents by age 12, over embellished with primative Christian mythology and regurgitated philosophy to show how well read he is. Needs to see a psychologist! However, it is a book that the "progressive socialists" might be able to read and even comprehend!

Preston C Racette
Sep 21, 2019

Excellent reading material! Peterson offers direct and practical advise.

Aug 11, 2019

Don't remember

ontherideau Jul 15, 2019

#2 Treat your self like someone you are responsible for helping- let that sink in

Jul 06, 2019

While I found this book to be dark and at times depressing the lessons of life where there to be had. I did enjoy the randomness of the references, lobsters, skateboarders, Columbine, Cain, dogs and best of all cats. Lesson 12 was the lesson I needed to learn from reading this book. In addition I have learned that you don’t always need to read the lessons of life in order!

Jun 07, 2019

As soon as a Large Print edition becomes available I would enjoy this book much more. The print is tiny for those of us who have a vision disability. I hope someone on the Library Staff reads these comments. This is a terrific book which I have found to be hilarious, intended or not, by the author.

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