What can I even say? It's phenomenal! Just life-changing!
You'll definitely have to pick this one up, but make sure you're doing it because you want to make the choice to change your life. Reading this and not using any of this information is a waste. But it's difficult not to use any of the advice given by Jordan, because he insists on action, and he plainly gives the steps for that action.

It's got a lot of big and impressive words in it, but the entertaining story-telling and the humour definitely counteract that. He does go on tangents about religion, mythology, psychology, and Nietzsche frequently, sometimes to where only someone interested in those intelligent/abstract topics could bare it, but that does not overshadow the immense value packed in this book.

Rules 11 and 12's answers are somewhat vague, and the content of those rule "chapters" don't seem to even be related to the rule at all on the surface, which is confusing, but he does pack it with a lot of abstract ideas about meaning and suffering, which are equally as valuable if you're slightly interested in it.

Is the entire book easy to read? No, Jordan's a University Professor, and heavily invested in literature and psychology, so his words, phrases, and paragraphs are sometimes going to be hard to follow for someone who isn't interested in it. But if you're interested in deep psychological life questions about meaning, suffering, God, and Being, then this book is definitely for you.

Basically, if you have no interest in abstract concepts or deep ideas, and want the information in front of your face precisely, in list form, and can't stand story-telling or tangents on deeper topics that have a vague connection to each other on the surface, then it would probably be better to find a summary online (although 12 Rules for life wouldn't be a book without all the useful side-knowledge). But you'll miss out on the phenomenal writing this book literally bleeds out of its pages, so if you want to see the deeper connection past a listed summary, read this book 100%.

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