The style of this book isn't typical, but adds more interest and context into the general themes of the novel. As a Canadian young adult, it really puts into perspective the Indigenous oppression and how history can repeat itself under given circumstances.

I think the book is an eye-opener and has so many lessons in the frame narratives, such as the coming-to stories. It focuses on repeating history, family, coming of age, language, oppression, trauma and trauma through generations and taking pride in whom you are and of your ethnicity.

I think it's an important story for youth to read this novel as they are coming of age to consider that your success isn't solely defined by your goals, but also by those who helped you. The past generations have paved a road to make you the most successful you can be and it is your job to carry on that role and make sure that your culture, lessons and values carry onto future generations.

It is a wider perspective, but a great one to consider. I absolutely loved this book! One novel similar to Empire of Wild written by the same author!

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