A Libertarian Walks Into A Bear
A Libertarian Walks Into A Bear The Utopian Plot to Liberate An American Town (and Some Bears) By Hongoltz-Hetling, Matthew Book - 2020

I agree with @CallumCW. I SO wanted this book to be better than it was. However, I don't agree that one should skip it. While it does have its faults, it also provides much 'food for thought'. The part I liked the best was the comparison of the 2 sister towns - how one decided to invest in government vs. the one that did not and how wildly disparate their environments and economies were 200 years later. One town thriving; the other imploding into entropy. The author couldn't resist the urge to prove his political bias. :-)

I agree with @CallumCW's comment about the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Why??

By the end, I felt as if the author, in 'real life' a journalist and used to writing short news articles, had to figure out a way to turn an 'in-depth news feature' into a full length book. So he indulges in tangents that add nothing to his primary story. Nonetheless, it's a quick read, thought-provoking - and particularly timely in this post-Trump era.

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