This book is a good introduction to what promises to be a great series. The problem, however is that this book is incredibly slow. It isn’t until the very end that we actually get to meet a faerie, and it is all too brief. I have no doubt that the following books will be better, now that the tedious work of setting the scene and meeting the characters is over.

I did enjoy the writing style. The interactions of the three siblings is realistic. When you’re young, life seems to fall into the “I’m better!” category. The illustrations were amazing, especially of the creatures! And the introduction of the brownie at the end almost made up for the slow pace.

This is a necessary book in this series, as it introduces the characters and shows their strengths. It is slow, but manageable, and it makes the promise that the series will be great. If you’re interested in faeries, definitely give this series a try.

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