If you like mysteries, and adventures, than “The Spiderwick Chronicles” book series is definitely the book series for you. ‘‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’’ was also one of The New York Times Best-Selling Book Series. The first book in this series is “The Field Guide”. Written by Holly Black and Illustrated by Tony DiTerlazzi, was published in May of 2003.
The Field Guide is book number one in the book series “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. Throughout this book we are introduced to the Grace family, who is in the process of moving into an old and rotten house. We follow along the Grace children as they explore their new home and find new adventures to go on. As-well as new mysteries to solve. Of course this all happens while the Grace children are also trying to avoid their mother, so that they don't get into trouble.
I have read this book series probably ten times or more so I would definitely recommend this book to others. However this book is recommended for children ages 7 and up. I would definitely not recommend this to a 7 year old,but I would recommend this book to older children ages 9 and up. Only because some of the words used throughout this book may be hard for younger children to understand as-well as some of the events that happen throughout this book may be very confusing to a younger child.
Personally I love reading this book because it involves a lot of fantasy creatures, myths, mysteries and other adventures. Which I personally love reading about. As-well as it isn’t a book like any other, it’s not your usual everyday children’s book. It is definitely an unusual children’s book, only because your average children’s book is normally about princesses, princes, unicorns or fairies. Of course, this book is a great children’s book and isn’t as repetitive, as some other children's books can tend to be.
Overall I would rate this book a 5/5. It is a great children’s book or young teen book and has great illustrations that help readers understand what's happening throughout the book.
@Em-the-bookworm of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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