Loved this one. I had my ideas about whodunnit, but we're kept guessing, there are so many ways for people to do bad things to each other.
I loved Penny's heroic description of an extreme weather event, describing things to come, a hundred-year flood every 2 years. We need more artists telling us what to expect, how to react, how to treat each other in crisis.
I am unencumbered with preconceptions about Quebecoise (?!) French pronunciation and spelling or misspelling. (Misspelt...?!?) But then, I listen to the audio books, read by one (two!) of the best book readers out there. Needless fowl language, well, it seems to me that the speech patterns of various individuals are pretty realistic. But I ain't got it piled higher or deeper, just an MS... I would like to know more about Billy's dialect that Armand can't understand. Reminds me of my friend, Guy Ray, from rural Al'bama; took me almost a year to not need his speech decoded for me. (BTW, listening to the first audio books, I imagined Jonghi to be Pakistani.)

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