Sad. Three points:
While an aging tough guy was actually part of this plot, Hollywood really needs to stop casting seniors as action heroes. Maybe they’re acknowledging the idea is played out. I was surprised to learn Gerard Butler was only 50 when filmed, making him one of the kids at the hero table, but he’s cleaning up scraps because the poor guy didn’t even get into the movie game until he was about 30. I laughed at Nick Nolte being crusty and age-appropriate, still acting while a reanimated corpse; IMDB claims he’s still alive. From Angelina Jolie to Liam Neeson, if we need mature action heroes this badly we should stop creating action hero roles. Alicia Vikander was already 30 when she got in shape for Tomb Raider, but predictably, TRII is on deck.

I think more rounds were fired in this movie than any other real-world fiction I’ve watched. D-Day was more economical. Many Bothans died to bring us this action.

Extras set the pace with one-liner action descriptions and swearing, in case you’re too stoopid to understand what’s thrown in your face. At one point I’m sure they blew up the same helicopter twice, but I was too bored to confirm. Video game violence wasn’t necessary for me, along with other tired clichés like infinite gear changes, bottomless ammo magazines, and hand grenades made from a pound of Semtex and a gallon of kerosene.

So, the library price is right but don’t expect an evening of entertainment. I’m really starting to distance myself from this genre, a charitable categorization.

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