Finding Chika
Finding Chika A Little Girl, An Earthquake, and the Making of A Family By Albom, Mitch, 1958- Book - 2019

Readers familiar with Mitch Albom, especially those who have read "For One More Day" or "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" will be prepared for his particular brand of magical realism. If that puts you off, it's unfortunate, because in all other respects this is a very fine book, one of his best. This is of course a deeply emotional story — I defy anyone to read it with a dry eye to the end — but it's also tremendously insightful, as expressed by Albom in six "lessons":
I am your protection
Time changes
A source of wonder
Kid tough
When children are yours and not yours
When a marriage becomes a family
What we carry
... the last perhaps being the most profound lesson of all;
"What we carry defines who we are. And the effort we make is our legacy."

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