Iced Fever Series Book 6 By Moning, Karen Marie eBook - 2012

This is the 6th book in the series. Technically the series was supposed to be 5 books (99% written from Mac’s point of view). This installment however is all about Dani and her point of view. If you are hoping for Mac or Barrons...forget it...they each have a one liner. Yet this book is foundational for #7 Burned.
The story delves a bit more into some of the mechanics of living in a post apocalyptic world where everything you needed and taken for granted has simply ceased to exist like milk and eggs. Yet Chester’s surprisingly is still filled with Uber rich people somehow who get served pre-apocalypse goods!
I am not a huge fan of this story because I never really enjoyed Dani’s mannerisms, impulsiveness or speech patterns. It is like nails on chalkboard.
———-spoiler alert————
Overall the story was a bit forced trying to create a future/relationship between Dani and Ryodan that makes NO sense. I am not convinced that Dani cares at all about Ryodan. In the previous books AND in this book she makes it very clear that she thinks he is scum of the earth yet she gets somehow attached to him??!!! And why does he, the supposed suave, is attracted to a feral wild thing?!!!!!
His interest in her is not well explained especially the sexual one. Too many people actually are sexually interested in this child who is constantly sporting facial bruising and covered in bodily fluids, is hardly the sexy type and is an atrocious English speaker.
Others characters go through some drastic transformations too. Christian’s character has gone quite dark, not necessarily a surprise but the about face at the end was inconsistent with his character development.
Lor’s character suddenly makes an about face too and is now a nice guy who is suddenly decent to women and kids when he was a total a-hole to Mac!! Why not just use a different character rather than alter drastically an existing one?!!!
And the whole Jo subplot was annoying and unnecessary except to fabricate tension between Dani and Ryodan.
And we still don’t know why Dani’s powers are so alike the Nine? Who is Dancer really and how can he evade the legendary Ryodan/Nine?
I would only recommend reading it if you plan to read the rest of the books.

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