Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking By Gladwell, Malcolm eBook - 2007

I understand that business-related non-fiction tend to stack examples to make a point, but #Blink is more tedious than most in that it moves too slowly and doesn’t give as much information as I hoped. .

In one sentence, the message of Blink is “our snap judgements are often more accurate than supposedly holistic processes because we have accumulated so much prior knowledge, but we also need to be careful with setting up the right circumstances so we are actually judging right we think we are judging!” .

That’s the amount of information I would be usually getting in a single article, and this is my take from a real one that I really liked: “Companies know that increasing your sense of ownership makes you more attached to the product, which partially explains why Ikea makes you assemble your own furniture and Starbucks writes your name on the cup.” In short, Blink is unnecessarily long and I regret buying it. Should have just burrowed it from the library.

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