The Whistler Public Library and Armchair Books book club read "One Brother Shy" in September 2017. Terry Fallis will be in Whistler next weekend for the Whistler Writers Festival, so we were all keen to read his latest novel. No one had trouble finishing this book, although it didn't have much of an impact on most of our readers. We agreed that it was an easy, light read, but it wasn't wall-to-wall laughs like some of Fallis' early work.

We particularly enjoyed discussing:
- The subjectivity of humour. We don't often read funny books in this club, partially because humour is SO subjective, and some of our members avoid reading humour altogether, because it is so often at someone's expense. (We shared our favourite funny books as well, many of which were memoirs.)
- Terry Fallis' body of work. Those of us who have read more than one of his books agreed that One Brother Shy isn't his best work, but it's still highly readable, light, and easy. The Best Laid Plans (his first novel) was the unanimous favourite.
- Bullying in the digital age. One of the major plot points in this novel revolves around a highly traumatic case of cyber-bullying. We discussed how bullying has changed over the years, and how damaging it can be now that it's so easy to disseminate humiliating photos and videos.

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