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BBALLBARRY made a comment Feb 23 2021

The Take

DVD - 2017
"A very fast paced entertaining movie.Plot a little confusing but it all came together at the end. Acting was good and Ibis is a new favorite for me.I am hoping for a sequel . 8 out of ten" Permalink
BBALLBARRY made a comment Feb 21 2021

Adventures of Rufus

DVD - 2020
"A good film with magic for kids. 7 out of 10" Permalink
BBALLBARRY made a comment Feb 13 2021

Murdoch Mysteries

DVD - 2018
"If you are a Murdoch fan,you will love these Christmas movies and it will become part of your annual tradition of movies. If you are just looking for annual Christmas movies that are good for the whole family and ones that have good Christmas mess..." Permalink
BBALLBARRY rated a title Feb 07 2021
BBALLBARRY made a comment Dec 06 2020

From Time to Time

DVD - 2012
"A very interesting and good movie A little slow to get going but kept your attention to the end May be a little difficult for kids to follow 7 out of ten" Permalink
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