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Jun 13, 2021VaughanPLDavidB rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
As I watched this movie, I soon realized that the movie A Few Good Men, released in 1992, bore an uncanny resemblance to this movie. The defendants were being scapegoated for the misdeeds of their superiors, their defense was that they were following orders, their lawyer was totally inexperienced in trying a serious criminal case, and everyone assumed that the outcome was a foregone conclusion. The key differences are that Breaker Morant is based on a true story, and there was no happy ending. I wonder if Rob Reiner had this film in mind when he was directing A Few Good Men. I've never heard him mention it in any interview. This movie has just replaced A Few Good Men as my favorite courtroom drama. This one is much grittier; all the characters have far more depth, and the villains are far less cartoonish.