a Dani O'Malley Novel
Apr 23, 2015Monikan21 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Book 6 of Fever series, preceded by Shadowfever and followed by Burned. This is the 1st book of Dani's Trilogy. It follows where Shadowfever ended. Dani is a fourteen year old girl with superpowers - fast freeze-framing and killing fae with her handy sword. She is fun, fearless and quite intelligent. She is so full of life - that she shines like the brightest star - no wonder everyone likes her. She is still very young and I hope in the next book, she gets to grow up a bit. I like the whole book; the "so called" loved interests are quite interesting and I wonder who KMM will chose to stick around and win Dani's heart. I have a feeling it might be Ryodan - but I just find him too controlling and cold & I don't like how he treats Dani or Jo. I really like Dancer - I hope he has a secret identity hidden somewhere. I also like Christian - I hope his real self comes back - I miss him.