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Jan 23, 2017dlh1 rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
I found this book on the shelf at a senior's home and decided to read it. I was thoroughly engrossed in it until the last chapter, when it ended before it tied up a lot of loose ends: We never found out why the main character's stepsister needed to borrow a large sum of money from him; I thought that Antoine should have "sucked it up" and asked his dad where the photos of his mom went, and if not that, at least he could have asked his stepmom or stepsister for them; he could have gone back to the hotel at Noirmoutier Island and asked the one staff member (that remembered him) some questions about his mother; the author should have finished off the timeline of the main character's father. So many unfinished subplots!! I did enjoy learning about an area of the world that is quite unique, called the Noirmoutier Island road or Le Gois and