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The story opens with a panicked Poppy Wyatt who has lost her engagement ring, a valuable emerald ring that is a heirloom of her fiancé’s family. To make matters worse, her phone is stolen as she is looking for her ring, rendering her unavailable to be contacted. Luckily, she subsequently finds a cell phone in a trash bin and gives her new number to friends and family. There are strings attached though. As it turns out, the phone is property of a company called White Globe Consulting. Between convincing the brusque businessman Sam Roxton to let her keep the phone, pretending that she has not lost the ring, and impressing her in-laws to be, Poppy has her hands full. Furthermore, using the phone means that she receives many of the company’s emails and soon gets entangled in Sam’s personal life as well a business scandal. As her wedding day draws closer, Poppy begins to find herself questioning her choice.